How can you split water into hydrogen and oxygen?

Answer Water molecules are made from two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. You can use a process called "electrolysis" to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water. Electric current is passe... Read More »

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What frequency is required to split hydrogen from water?

Electrolysis, the process by which water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen components, occurs at a minimum of 1.2 volts. As the voltage is increased, the electrolysis process increases.Referenc... Read More »

Does boiling water generate hydrogen&oxygen?

Boiling water does not generate new hydrogen and oxygen. The boiling is simply a state change from water's liquid form to its gas form, steam. The only difference between these two states is that t... Read More »

How to Make Oxygen and Hydrogen from Water Using Electrolysis?

The process of splitting water (H2O) into its atomic components (hydrogen and oxygen) using electricity is known as electrolysis. Here's how to do it.

Does hydrogen react with oxygen?

Hydrogen does react with oxygen. Two moles of hydrogen gas react with one mole of oxygen gas in order to form water. This chemical reaction is known as a synthesis reaction.References:Chemistry Com... Read More »