How can you speed labor once you have had a mucus discharge laced with blood?

Answer Answer What I did was walking and walking! My mucus plug came out and from then I knew that keeping active was the best I could do! Good luck to you!

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You have had lots of mucus plug discharge over the last 2 weeks people say the baby has dropped off and on contractions and was dilated to a 1 with thick cervix how soon can labor be im 36 weeks?

Is good sized pieces of yellow mucus like discharge mean it was the mucus plug or could it be due to a yeast infection at 11 weeks?

i would take an early morning urine sample to your docs for investigation Answer YOU HAVE AN STD. GO TO THE NEAREST CLINIC FOR HELP!!!!

Your due date is today you lost your mucus plug this morning and lost some more with blood a little bit ago you were 2 cm 50 last week will you go into labor soon?

AnswerNormally, loosing your m/p does indicate that changes are occurring in your cervix. It can also be due to sex. Some women loose theirs early due to several reason and their bodies "grow" anot... Read More »

what does brownish Mucus discharge mean?

If you mean from the vagina, it means old menstrual blood, which often follows the end of your period. Sometimes if accompanied by a foul odor it means vaginal infection. If the brown mucus happens... Read More »