How can you see on to a teen's computer and see all of their activity?

Answer Internet History, and Keyloggers that show every little keystroke you make. To remove get:CCleanerMalware Bytes Anti-MalwareSuperAntiSpywareand get a firewall like Comodo Pro to prevent future down... Read More »

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Parental Monitoring Teens Yahoo IM Activity Remotely?

not if shes on another can buy a program to track all that happens on your computer but not someone else's...for your home computer check out eBlaster 5.0 it will record all IM/e-ma... Read More »

Design an activity for children to look after their teeth?

You could have 2 sets of pictures. One set could be healthy foods and the other set could be unhealthy foods. You could have a molar shaped tooth with a happy face on it, and another molar shaped ... Read More »

"Besides driving, name an activity people often do in their cars?

How to Monitor Computer Activity?

Monitoring the activity that has taken place recently on your computer is a good strategy when you do not know the browsing and computing habits of your co-workers and family members. You can detec... Read More »