How can you see lyrics on the iPod touch?

Answer Buy the January software upgrade ($19.99) from apple then touch the background when the song is playingmine only works on 1 song

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How to Disable Lyrics in an iPod Touch?

With the iTunes desktop application, you can add lyrics to any song in your library. When you sync these songs to your iPod touch, the portable device will display the lyrics when you play the song... Read More »

Is there a way to connect my Ipod touch to my dads iPhone 3g so i can get the internet on the ipod touch?

No there is not, iPod touches can not use 3G. Only wifi. Also you cant get a cable to connect them anyway.

Can you jailbreak ipod touch from ipod touch 10 points best answer :)?

You cannot jailbreak your iPod Touch directly from the device itself unless you are running a firmware that is supported by one of the three JailbreakMes, which you cannot since the last revision o... Read More »

Does apple ipod touch 4g will be available after releasing of ipod touch 5g ?

The iPod Touch 5G is not a certainty yet. We do know, however, that Apple are holding a live announcement of the iPhone 5 on September 12th. It is also widely accumulated that they are going to ann... Read More »