How can you search mini microphone?

Answer At any retail store that sells iPhone cases, so generally everywhere. Wal-Mart would be the best place to look, as well as places like Target, Meijers, Sam's Club, etc., and most malls have stores/... Read More »

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Can the S-Mix mini mixer accept microphone input?

The Samson Audio S-Mix mini mixer is capable of accepting active and passive microphones into its balanced XLR microphone jack. A phantom power unit allows you to use condenser microphones and the ... Read More »

Does the Canon T1i have a microphone mini-jack?

No. Only the Canon T2i of the Rebel series has one. However you can try using a standalone mic like the Zoom H2.

I am in search of a LCD screen for my Sony DCR TRV17 mini DV.It is a sharp product.Can someone help.?

I have a 30" LCD,Dell Monitor/TV. It has a large array of connectors of many types and I have a video recorder/player an X-Box my computer, and Stereo, PsP. With Cable TV, and a set of good set of... Read More »

Can headphones be used a microphone when plugged into the microphone jack on a computer?

Yes! You can use any set of headphones as a microphone. Follow the link to see how.