How can you reduce chances of egg getting fertilized?

Answer DO NOT HAVE SEX!Or, use protection when you do have sex. However, no protection is 100% reliable. Some examples of protection are a condom or the pill. The condom is something that a man puts over ... Read More »

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What can I do to reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure?

Three things are thought to reduce BP and the risk of developing hypertension the disease.1) Be as close to your ideal weight as possible.2) Keep your salt intake low.3) Take regular,vigorous exerc... Read More »

Dose using babby oil during intercurse reduce the chances of getting pregnate?

Possibly. You might not get pregnate if you get too much on you, because you will be sliding around so much that the beanus can't ever get in. Too slick for intercurse. Baby oil + Intercurse = big ... Read More »

AT&T or Sprint AND does having 4G LTE reduce your chances of getting dropped calls?

3G or 4G or 4G LTE is for your data usage, so it just doesn't matter for calls being dropped.

What are the chances of getting that disease after getting the vaccination?