How can you recover a deleted video clip on your iPhone 4?

Answer Yes Ufone have

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How to Recover a Deleted Flip Video?

Flip video cameras are small hand-held devices that house a USB connection, making it easy to transfer videos from the camera to the computer. If you need to recover a recently-deleted video from y... Read More »

How do you recover deleted iPhone text?

Front screen: Glass (that's why its so easily broken) Sides: metal (not sure what exactly) Back panel: coloured plasic covered with glass (this, again, can break easily

How do you recover deleted photos from 3GS iPhone?

There is a device called the iPhone Recovery Stick that can be used to recover deleted SMS messages, call history, photos, etc. The device is not cheap though. I have included a link so you may loo... Read More »

How do I recover full hd video files deleted off of an sd card?

Sorry to inform you that once data files are deleted from an SD card they are lost forever. Be more carefull next time...