How can you read your childs instant messages?

Answer you dont, mind your own business yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhu have a right to see what your children are doing but you were kids how you u like it if ur parnets were on top of your every actition so ... Read More »

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Can you see instant messages from a blackberry on your verizon bill?

On a Verizon Wireless bill, there is a breakdown of data usage, including the number and frequency of instant messages, texts and MMS messages. The actual messages are not visible on the bill.Refer... Read More »

How to Stop Answering Instant Messages from Your Crush So Quickly?

People will start to think things when you're talking to them on AIM/MSN etc and you answer the very second they press 'enter'. Find out how to avoid seeming needy and desperate with this article:

Can your Parents read your text messages online/ get a print out?

No your parents cannot see what you have been saying in your text messages. I have been through this and they were determined to see what I had been writing but all they could get was a list of the... Read More »

Is it legal for a teacher to read your text messages if they take your phone?

If you paid for a 3rd generation but ended up with a 2nd generation, and you know for sure, go back to where you bought it with your receipt and all iPod accessories and iPod that came with it in t... Read More »