How can you put yourself into labor faster?

Answer It is best to let your body do this naturally but you may be able to speed things up by going for a short walk (make sure you have a friend or cell phone with you incase something happens). Walking... Read More »

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How do you natuarally put yourself into labor?

I have 2 children & I'm due with my 3rd in a few days. With my 1st child we moved 2 weeks before his due date and so I ended up doing a bit more lifting than I probably should have, I scrubbed floo... Read More »

How do you make yourself go into labor?

you should walk or your labor will be awlful

25 weeks pregnant and having signs of labor will you go into labor early?

Ask your doctor. i lost my son at 26 weeks due to water breaking, your child will NOT live if born this early!

Are you about to go into labor if you are leaking breast milk at 7 months pregnant and just went through false labor?

Answer Many women start leaking colustrum during pregnancy, which is normal and does not mean you are going into labor.