How can you put special characters like smiley faces in your facebook name ?

Answer You can access any font's special characters using the Windows utility "CharMap" -- it's found under the "Start" menu, "All Programs" then "Accessories" then "System Tools" -- the characters you ar... Read More »

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What r all the smiley faces on facebook chat?

Happy :)Really happy :DWink ;)Happy eyes ^_^Laughing eyes >:oCat smile :3Grumpy >:-(Sad :(Crying :'(Shocked :oGlasses 8)Cool shades 8-|Tongue :pWoot?! O.oDork -_-Duhhh :/Devil 3:)Angel O:)Kiss :*Lo... Read More »

How Do You Get the Smiley Faces & Hearts on Your Status on Facebook?

Not only is social media changing the way we connect with friends and customers, it's also changing the way we communicate. On top of being able to post instant updates and send messages with words... Read More »

What are some smiley faces you can make on facebook chat?

Check this site, it has some;…

How to Upload Smiley Faces to Your MSN?

MSN's Windows Live Messenger contains emoticons that you can include in your instant messages. However, some users may find these icons limiting or unsuited to their personality. Fortunately, Windo... Read More »