How can you protect this plant?

Answer By keeping it anonymous you have protected it.

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What is this plant plant that grows on a vine like a cucumber?

This summer, in the middle of my landscaping, this beautiful plant was growing.Should I dig it out?

I love Gardening and unusual plants ...My gardens over time have been subjected to a variety of strange/unusual plants springing up from ' nowhere' obviously transported by Birds & Animals..WellI r... Read More »

Does this happen to everyone the computer keeps shutting down saying it`s to protect from something or other?

omg thar in trouble there lass, i ditched that norton 2 year ago, they charge you too took me ages to get my money back, you want one of them free ones Avast's ok or windows own anyhow give it a go... Read More »

Why did this snake plant die?

Was it over watered. It's possible it suffered from root rot. Try and drain it out as best as you can, add more sand to the soil, and keep it on the dry side, only misting the soil every cou... Read More »