How can you prepare project by using compost tea?

Answer [1] Compost tea is compost diluted in water. The ratios vary depending upon the severity of the project, and the therefore desired strength of the product. They tend to range from 1 part compost to... Read More »

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How do you make a compost container using the compost itself?

Hm. Your question is worded kind of strangely, but I think you're asking what to use and how to make a compost bin. If you are asking how to make a compost bin using actual compost as the structur... Read More »

How to Prepare Garden Compost?

Compost is created when organic matter decomposes. Organic matter eventually reaches a point where it can no longer decompose; it is at that point that it becomes an extremely nutritious and long-l... Read More »

How to Compost Using Comfrey?

Comfrey is an herb traditionally used to help heal broken bones, wounds and bruises, but it also works as a compost activator in the garden. Roots grow about 6 feet long and bring many different mi... Read More »

How can you make compost by using machines?

A Big compost pile. If for example you were cleaning out a horse barn, cow barn or chicken barn you could pile all the manure, old hay and straw using a skid loader. Make it a nice long row of com... Read More »