How can you pleasure qst camera 1 to 10?

Answer ???

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Does the vivitar digital VIDEO camera from 2009 Newport pleasure goods catalog use a memory stick or card or DVD and what is the video cam's model number?

I just got mine in the mail from Newport today. It takes an SD card. It's a really nice camera.

Is pleasure p a molester?

BUT FIRST READ THIS ANSWER FROM A MISLED FAN.. No pleasure p is not a molester would he molest a child and he has a son and cares what he thinks or not. Who asks a stupid question like this, I wil... Read More »

How to Be a Pleasure to Have at Home?

Being a pleasure at home can make life a lot smoother between you and your family, and also have the positive side effect of getting more freedom.

Who choreographed the Pleasure Principle?

Barry Lather was the choreographer for Janet Jackson's 1988 video, "Pleasure Principle." Lather is a director and choreographer who has worked with many artists, including Usher, Estelle, Jason Der... Read More »