How can you play with yourself. sexually can you please explain in detail. thanks. ?

Answer pile up some pillows on your bed head, take your clothes of and get really comfy. sit up, pull you legs up and lean your knees out. think about something you find arousing, close your eyes and move... Read More »

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Would someone please explain to me in detail how to copy a DVD I'm trying to make 2 or 3 more copies?

Don't listen to that idiot who can't read your question because obviously you own the rights to the content of the DVD. I am assuming it is not encrypted, so as long as you have a DVD recorder, yo... Read More »

How attractive is he on a scale of 1-10 Please explain why and why not be honest thanks?

Yeah did you check this link after putting here my dear its empty link and log in page of gmail put your exact link then we can tell you how attractive you are otherwise we can't ;)

Please explain for those who told me Windows Vista is no good and why I should keep my XP Pro. Thanks!?

I have had Vista for 3 months on my new laptop and have had no problems whatsoever!

Hello Dear Friends, Plz explain me OSI reference model in detail every layer with example.?

Layer 1 - The physical layer. Any test or real word scenario that references ones and zero's or bits is referring L1. Hubs, Cables, repeaters all represent L1 devices. They all create electrical si... Read More »