How can you make yourself go in labor?

Answer It depends on how far along you are. (If you at least 8-9 months) you make yourself go into labor by: 1. Having sex 2. Taking a long walk 3. And for some women can even go into labor by riding i... Read More »

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How do you make yourself go into labor?

you should walk or your labor will be awlful

Sh*tting yourself during labor ?

LOL, I was SOOOOO worried about pooing on myself during labor. I spent my entire pregnancy worried about it, LOL. When the big day finally came, I must have told the nurse atleast 50 times that I w... Read More »

How to Prepare Yourself for Labor and Delivery?

You can take many steps to prepare yourself for labor and delivery. Although the course of a birth is often unpredictable, adequate preparation can help you feel more confident when you go into lab... Read More »

How can you put yourself into labor faster?

It is best to let your body do this naturally but you may be able to speed things up by going for a short walk (make sure you have a friend or cell phone with you incase something happens). Walking... Read More »