How can you make your past questions on google not show up?


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Why does the ghost of Christmas Past show Scrooge show shadows of things that have been?

Because the past ghost wants Scrooge to be a good person. Past ghost uses Scrooge's very own painful memories against him, as a kind of a way to show him what poor people suffered in the time of th... Read More »

How do you find talk show questions as if a person was asking Gregor Mendel questions and he was answering them?

What tv show that starts with p and is a cime show that has links from the past?

The little boy who plays Henery is AJ Cook's (JJ) in real life I do not know his real name but if you google it you should find it

How do I make my website show up in search engines, especially Google?

Paying them the fee they require.You do realise that Google is a company don't you?They charge a fee to show up at the top of their listings..