How can you make your past questions on google not show up?


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If you are realli skinny and you have like a dip past your supposed cut lines will your pregnancy show a lot earlier than usual?

Answer Hello. In a first pregnancy it usually takes longer to show. . . around three months. In a second, third pregnancy etc, you usually show earlier. Some as soon as 8 weeks. But it wi... Read More »

Have you ever been onto Google Earth to look up an important place in your past, only to find it redeveloped?

The houses in which I grew up, are now open fields.So much for preservation orders.

Why don't all of you use google and get the answer right away instead of posting your questions here which cou?

I know, that makes me sick! You don't know how many times I get mad at ppl for that...they want somebody else to Google it for them and just give them the link...pure laziness.

Why does the ghost of Christmas Past show Scrooge show shadows of things that have been?

Because the past ghost wants Scrooge to be a good person. Past ghost uses Scrooge's very own painful memories against him, as a kind of a way to show him what poor people suffered in the time of th... Read More »