How can you make your eyes look greener?

Answer You could purchase and wear green contact lenses.

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What colors of makeup will make my green eyes look greener?

Purple. "Jade shades enhance your eye colors... violets make them pop."Almay makes a whole line of make-up that are supposed to enhance your specific eye color.It's called the "Intense i-color" co... Read More »

How to Do Make Up to Make Brown Eyes Greener?

You may not be able to permanently change the color of your eyes, but you can make your brown eyes look greener with a few makeup tricks and techniques. Some brown eyes with green tones are conside... Read More »

Makeup tip for making eyes look bigger and greener?

The almay for green eyes is a really good set. But really any "raisin" or "plum" colored eyeliner and shadow would work. Color your entire lid with a golden tan shadow. Then in the crease from t... Read More »

How can i make my grass greener....?

well you can get fertilizers (commercially available) .. they're rated in 'grades' .. available at B&Q.. or the next best option is to buy replacement patches (artificial). but requires major work ... Read More »