How can you make your cousin go away without giving him a massage?

Answer Tell him no and to go away.

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How to Find Out if Someone Knows Your Secret Without Giving It Away?

It's tough when you find out that your trust in your friend was misplaced. Follow these steps to find out if someone has been told your secret without giving it away.

How do you make your cousin go away?

You ask them to play hide and seek and tell them they'll be hiding first. Then go do whatever you want. Works for a while. =P or tell them you are going to take a crap and than just go outside or s... Read More »

What if your cousin has a cousin does that make them your cousin once removed?

Your mother's sister's daughter is your first cousin. That cousin's father's brother's son is her cousin. There is no relationship between you and this cousin's cousin unless there is another famil... Read More »

If you're a 15-year-old girl how do you call your 22-year-old male cousin who lives far away who you don't know very well and develop a close relationship with him and his brothers without awkwardness?

AnswerMake a brief call to tell him you wish you knew him and his brothers better. Ask if you can email once in a while, exchange email addresses and hope for the best. Guys don't often like talkin... Read More »