How can you make your chances of conceiving a child higher?

Answer Seeing your Dr before trying to get pregnant, starting prenatal vitamins, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and learning to chart your cycle to learn when your most fertile times are. See relat... Read More »

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Chances of conceiving 10 years after Vasectomy Anyone here got 'old' parents How was it growing up?

The truth is that vasectomy reversal is quite successful, not only in returning sperm to the semen, but in allowing a couple to conceive. Anyone who says otherwise has a personal agenda or is ignor... Read More »

Can i take propecia while conceiving a child?

On One Hand: Strong Safety RecordPropecia is a hair loss drug originally developed to treat prostate enlargement. It is considered to be safe for men's use during conception, as there is no evidenc... Read More »

Are chances higher for a baby to die from swine flu than an adult?

Yes, they have a much weaker immune system and it is generally fatal for a baby.

Thinking about conceiving a child, but the one thing I'm worried about is my feet turning into canned hams?

Well, there's a bright side to your feet swelling up into bloated globs of high potassium SPAM... maybe some of those freakshow clown shoes you bought at Payless Shoe Source last week with your hid... Read More »