How can you make your android phone work again if it has been dropped in water?

Answer My friend put his in rice and that seemed to dry out all of the moisture.

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I dropped my phone in water!!!! HELP!! How can i get my phone to work again!!?

Electricity and water don't mix well. You probaby will not get it to work. What may be possible is to take the SIM card out and put it into your new phone. But as the other answer said, you could t... Read More »

Why does a cell phone not work after its been dropped in water?

Ok. Immediately take out the battery. DO NOT turn it on until the phone is 100% dry. You might be able to save it if you leave it along.

Will your iphone 4 still work after it's been dropped in the water?

It Depends On If You Have A Strong Case On It Or Not But I Would Say Most Likely No

I dropped my mobile phone in the bath. will it work again?

It may still work, you should immediately remove the battery and let it dry thoroughly (a few days to a week depending upon the humidity where you live).. then put the battery back in and try it...... Read More »