How can you make your 2 way radios go far?

Answer The range of a hand-held or mobile radio is increased by the use of a repeater. A repeater receives the signal and rebroadcasts it at a higher power. It's also usually located in a place that all... Read More »

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Do CB radios work with regular walkie talkiesOr do CB radios only work with other CBs?

Let us first define the term "walkie talkie". This a common reference to *any* handheld portable radio, regardless of frequency or radio service. There are CB, FRS, GMRS... etc walkies.With that ... Read More »

Why do car radios make that buzzing sound just before your cell phone rings?

It is called GSM buzz. It is RF (radio frequency) interference that occurs when cellphones try to communicate with cell towers. This RF is injected into speakers that are not very well shielded. It... Read More »

Is uhf or vhf better on two way radios?

On One Hand: VHF has better range.Very-High Frequency, or VHF, radio waves can travel great distances outdoors, making them the ideal choice if you are using the radio outside or are in hilly terra... Read More »

Are FRS radios VHF?

Some Marine radios have dual capability to transmit and receive on both FRS (Family Radio Service) and VHF (Very High Frequency). However, the actual FRS transmission occurs via one of the fourteen... Read More »