How can you make someone take you serious?

Answer be serious yourself then that seriousness will rub off on them

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I've got a serious problem on Wikipedia. Could someone please help?

No need to panic - the wikipedia article on Sailor Moon is NOT proposed for deletion. Yes, it was proposed for deletion back in 2010, but the community consesus was to Keep it.Having said this many... Read More »

Anorexia How long would it take Need serious help...?

Anorexia is a whole different thing than just wanting to lose weight fast. Anorexia is hell. It will never ever go away. You could die. I almost did. Don't be bulimic- even more dangerous. Just go ... Read More »

Would women take me more serious if I had a doctors office?

I like when you sit us in a circle and use your tire iron. Don't change a thing!

If you are physically healthy and smoke 4-5 cigarettes a day, how long will it take for serious health problem?

Maybe next tomorrow, maybe next year, maybe in 20 years, and maybe never. Each persons body reacts differently to toxins.