How can you make compost by using machines?

Answer A Big compost pile. If for example you were cleaning out a horse barn, cow barn or chicken barn you could pile all the manure, old hay and straw using a skid loader. Make it a nice long row of com... Read More »

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How do you make a compost container using the compost itself?

Hm. Your question is worded kind of strangely, but I think you're asking what to use and how to make a compost bin. If you are asking how to make a compost bin using actual compost as the structur... Read More »

How to Transport Compost Materials from Your Kitchen to Your Compost Bin?

It is great to compost but what do you do about getting your compost ingredients from the kitchen to the bin? If your bin is outdoors, it can be a de-motivating factor if the scraps for composting ... Read More »

How do you make a compost bin?

Well I am just using your basic store bought bin with a lid and section at the bottom to pull the compost out of...I make sure that I put a nice thick layer of grass clippings on the bottom to begi... Read More »

What can you make in compost?

Compost is an excellent fertilizer and soil amendment. A soil amendment is something that adds to the health of garden soil. When you make compost, you make something that will help your garden gro... Read More »