How can you make brothers stop hitting?

Answer Spank them both until they stop or cut allowances or ban them from Playstaton or computer games for a week (that's a bit harsh so save it till they do something really bad)

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How can you stop your younger brothers from hitting each other?

Set them apart and talk them through right's and wrong's. Well, it depends how old they are. Explain to them why hitting is wrong. Trust me grew up with ALOT of siblings.

What are some ways I can make myself look older so that 53yr old men in convertibles will stop hitting on me?

Well, you could stop flipping your skirt up every time they drive by your corner.

How do you make brothers stop calling you names?

Completely ignore what they say. They'll continue on for a few days, but if you don't let it get to you they won't do it anymore. If they are cruel you might want to be careful though, as they may ... Read More »

How to Stop A Guy That’s Hitting On You?

We all know the type – you’ve told him you’re not interested but he’s just not giving up. He keeps insisting you go for a drink ‘just as friends’. Yeah, because thatâ... Read More »