How can you make a baby kick?

Answer You don't make the baby kick. It will kick when it's ready and when it wants to.

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Is it normal to not feel your baby at 24 weeks kick as much?

I am 24 almost 25 weeks pregnant. I feel my baby here and there but it is Not everday. RIght now I havent felt much in two days. Three days ago, I felt the baby alot. I had my 24 week apt and asked... Read More »

Will you feel twins kick sooner than you would with only one baby?

Answer No, twins tend to develop slightly slower than one child would, you wuld feel them about the same time, if not a little later Answer I have twins, and i don't remember them kicking sooner, b... Read More »

Baby kick :D and wish me luck (if u wouldnt mind)?

Hi HunI'm sure you will be fine!!Thats great to hear about your bump, dont worry too much cos billy will have plenty of chances to feel the little one playing football inside ur tummy lolLet us kno... Read More »

When does a baby start to kick inside the mother's womb?

A baby typically begins to move between weeks 15 and 18 weeks of pregnancy. The mother may start to feel some movement between weeks 19 and 21. The mother will almost certainly feel the baby move b... Read More »