How can you lost a baby at 5 months?

Answer It's possible to lose a baby at anytime during a pregnancy. An undiagnosed UTI may be the culprit, but there are a myriad of different things that could have caused it.

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Who will have the better chances of survival a 7 months or 8 months old baby?

If we are talking about being born 8 months of course. The further along they are in their development the better. If you are talking about after being born depends on the baby and cause of dying.

Why does 7 months premature baby is safer than 8 months premature baby?

according to our teacher..7months baby undergoing fetal stage has developed it's lungs, as it's lungs is in high function or surfactant than on 8 the baby reaches it's 8 months the funct... Read More »

What is better 8 months premature baby or 7 months premature baby?

Is Lactogen baby product is safe for three months baby?