How can you lose mucus plug?

Answer if your looking to lose your mucus plug to start labour, this may not happen as you can lose your mucus plug as little as 26 weeks and not go into labour. i would highly not advise you to purposely... Read More »

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Can you lose your mucus plug in early pregnancy?

Depends what you mean by "early pregnancy" since it doesn't start to shape until after the first trimester. Yes you can lose it in early pregnancy, or parts of it, and see your doctor if that is wh... Read More »

Can you do anything to help lose your mucus plug?

Answer Why would you want to? It helps keep bacteria from entering your uterus. It does not determine when you will go into labor. Some women loose theirs early and even grows back.

When you lose your mucus plug can you start contractions?

You can, but i constantly lost mine & it grew back a little throughout the whole pregnancy.

Is a lot of bleeding normal when you lose your mucus plug?

%DETAILS% Answer HI,I am a mother of 2 3/4 meaning I already have two girls and am 35 weeks pregnant with my third :)As to your question....I ahev lost my plug with all three and never had alot of ... Read More »