How can you lick ur elbow is it really impossible?

Answer It's really not hard. If you're flexible enough all you have to do is bend properly. I used to do it all the time as a kid...apparently I still can.

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Can u lick ur elbow?

How to Lick Your Elbow?

First of all, it helps to have a long tongue, or a short upper arm will do the trick. This is the easiest way to lick your elbow... the more advanced way is to just prop your arm up, bent, near you... Read More »

Is it possible to lick your elbow?

Snapple put a statement out on their bottle caps as fact. They said that humans cannot lick their elbow. Then some kid went on the Talk Show Circuit (Leno's Tonight Show, I believe) and proved that... Read More »

What is wrong with you if you fell on your elbow now it is really really sore?

look for any signs dark spots usually are from internal damage it can just be a sprained muscle or tendon...i fell from a tree and landed straight on my elbow 12-16 feet and i thought it was broken... Read More »