How can you know if your house is safe for babies to crawl around?

Answer Well there is people you can hire to tell you If you have any major problems with your home but not everyone wants to hire someone to do that so you can buy safety items like wall sercut covers and... Read More »

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When do babies crawl?

How hast can babies crawl? -in miles per hour or meters per second?

Is it safe to clean the oven with bicarb and white vinegar with babies and children in the house or does it give off any toxic gas?

Using raid indoor fogger under house in crawl space how does it affect the inside of house?

depends on how old and sealed the home most new homes it would be a non issue, where as I have been at some old homes that the fog will go right into the living space

Do most babies crawl after they roll over?

Yes they do they learn when you teach them as well..