How can you know if you can't have Babies or be Pregnant?

Answer If you are concerned about not being able to conceive it would be advisable to have a chat with your GP, there are tests they can do to find out if you are fertile.

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Is it possible to be pregnant with 9 babies?

Sure, with an 'in vitro' pregnancy, but that doesn't mean that they will all go full term.

Can babies kick when you're 16 weeks pregnant?

Yes they can. In first pregnancy you probably won´t feel kicking that early, but in later pregnancies you can very well feel moving at 16 weeks.

37 weeks pregnant and babies head is fully engaged what does this mean?

I believe that this means the babies head is in the correct position for birth.

If one man gets both twins sisters pregnant would the two babies be full siblings Would they have same DNA?

I think so. Somewhere I read or heard...That if two sets of identical twins (female and male) paired up and had children, the children would (according to DNA) be siblings. Same difference, just us... Read More »