How can you knew if your boyfriend can make a baby?

Answer Just assume that he can since the majority can. If you after trying for a year has not succeeded you can see a doctor. The only way to see sperms is through a microscope.

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Would you abort your baby if you knew he/she would be a homosexual?

Hell no! A mother's love for her child would override any sexual preference her child would have.

Will it hurt the baby if you got drunk a few times before you knew you were pregnant?

Can you have a healthy baby if you drank alachol heavily before you knew you were pregnant?

Answer its a posibility but you would have to expect for somthing to be wrong wwith it or the kids gonna have some major drinking problems when it gets older

If your boyfriend leaves you two months before the baby is born how do you make sure you have full custody?

Answer Unless your boyfriend signs over all of his rights as the father of your child (even if he didn't sign the birth certificate), he still has rights to the child. My boyfriend left me at the ... Read More »