I keep falling asleep, even when i've had my full hours sleep and i keep getting tired?

Answer Marwa,I think we all have off days sometimes. If you want an energizing exercise, or activity, go to and look up "john barnes myofascial unwinding." It's the 8:56 long video with the ... Read More »

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What do you do to keep yourself awake when you have to drive and you're tired (not falling asleep)?

I've driven straight through from LA to Oklahoma City once. Over 25 hours. I think what helped most was always remembering that I didn't trust the other person to drive my car. On the way out th... Read More »

How to Keep a Hair Wig From Falling?

Whether you like to change your look and hair style frequently or you've lost your hair, wigs offer options, comfort and security. You can choose from synthetic wigs or real human hair wigs. No mat... Read More »

How to Keep Eyelashes From Falling Out?

Long, full and lush eyelashes are desired by many women. However, very few women are born with them. In fact, aging and exposure to specific eye products can cause eyelashes to become brittle. They... Read More »

How to Keep My Dreads From Falling Out?

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