How can you keep your teeth white?

Answer yes! brush 3 times a day! don't smoke, don't drink coffee and black tea! and if you drink tea or coffee then brush your teeth after drinking!also it depends on the genetics. one can drink coffee a... Read More »

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Ways to keep your teeth white?

What's the best way to get pearly white teeth when your teeth is yellow?

Hi EmilyI can recommend two ways that are probably around $10 each.Strawberries or coconut oil mixed with baking soda. Make a paste and…

How do all the celebs have paper white teeth How can I get my teeth that white?

Veneers. Costs about $1000 a tooth. In Hollywood, about $2000 a tooth. Minimal investment for these celebs though.

How do you keep your white clothes white?

I wash all my whites in my regular laundry soap, then add a small scoop of oxi-clean powder to that. Then I have a whitest white setting which is really just an exrta rinse. So if you don't have th... Read More »