How can you keep flies away from your garden?

Answer By spraying the medicine all over your garden.

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How to Keep Flies Away From You and Your Room?

Don't you hate when the flies just won't leave you alone? Tired of using the "swat and miss" method? Well, read on for an easier solution.

How can I naturally keep flies and mosquitoes away from my patio?

Here's some ideas:Cinnamon oil shows promise as an environmentally friendly pesticide, killing mosquito larvae more effectively than DEET. The CDC says " oil of lemon eucalyptus provides protection... Read More »

How do you keep Horse flies away from the swimming pool?

Answer I've seen fly traps which you can hang near the pool to attract the flies. It seems to do the trick.

What is an organic way to keep flies away from a compost pile?

Answer If there are flies in a compost pile, there's an inbalance between carbon and nitrogen in the pile. There are a couple of ways to keep flies away from your compost pile... First of all try ... Read More »