How can you keep a plant healthy?

Answer A healthy plant is when you leave it in the right place and give it the right variety of food and water. you should leave it in a place where there is light and air.

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What can you give weed plant to keep healthy?

Marijuana is a plant like any other, in fact quite easy to take care of. Keeping it well watered, giving it lots of sunlight balanced by some night hours, and planting it in nutritious soil will do... Read More »

What Causes Rusty Looking Places on Tomato Leaves When the Plant Looks Healthy?

No matter how much care and attention you give to your tomatoes, there's always the risk of unexpected infection. However, it's not always clear what causes a condition, or indeed if the condition ... Read More »

If a 100 percent plant based diet is not healthy, then why can athletes like mac danzig, timothy bradley.....?

This one will make the meat eaters go blank.

In a science fair project will a plant in a smoke-filled habitat or healthy habitat grow faster?

Answer I think you should conduct your own experiment and research and form your own conclusions.