How to Increase Vocal Falsetto Range?

Answer Falsetto, which means false voice, is the art of singing high notes from the head rather than the diaphragm. The falsetto range isn't nearly as extensive and the notes aren't as powerful as those s... Read More »

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I am a 19 year old barritone male, can I increase my vocal range?

Your still going through puberty and won't be finished for about another 9 years,Once the growth spurts have completely stopped occurring then you can look at expanding your range through good musc... Read More »

How to Characterize Your Vocal Range?

Many people love to sing, but when asked what part are unsure or pick the part that has the melody. There are several different vocal ranges. This article discusses how to determine which you might... Read More »

How to Find Your Vocal Range?

Finding your vocal range is important to singing properly. Although you may hear singers with large ranges (Michael Jackson, High Tenor, F2-E♭6, 3.92 Octaves, 3.42 Octaves, F#2-B♭5 in ful... Read More »

How to Increase the Range of Your Wifi?

There are several easy ways for you to increase the range of your wifi relatively quickly. Almost all of them involve using a simple do-it-yourself antenna on either your router or your wireless re... Read More »