How can you improve your vision efficiently Any natural methods to use?

Answer Carrots

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Any natural ways to improve vision if nearsighted?

You're right, there are many scams, but it's easy to recognize them because the price of those methods is usually very high and/or they promise miracles. You'll find many websites that advertise th... Read More »

How herbaceous plants improve human life more efficiently?

No, you can put plastic in the microwave which would melt in the oven and metal dishes are oven safe but can't be used in the microwave. Glass works in either.

How To Improve My Vision?

Spend time looking into the distance, without glasses. Notice what details you can, and focus your attention on small points. The smaller the area you see best, the better you are seeing.

Is it possible to improve one's vision?

At this time it is not possible to improve ones visual acuity permanently without surgery (Lasik). You can, however, do things that can help the health of the eye and therefore help to prevent eye... Read More »