How can you impress people?

Answer == Answer ==Try to relax and just be yourself. Forced impressions (against what your personality is really like) shows up like a red nose on a main drunk. Smile at the person, listen to what the... Read More »

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How to Impress People?

Have you ever met those pretentious people that always look down on everyone else...and wanted to impress them? Well, here's how!

How to Impress People if You Are Just a Kid?

It's a lot easier to impress people as a kid than you think! Make them go "Wow!" as you show how well-behaved you can be.

How to Impress People With Money?

Keen to impress people with money? It's not that hard to do but doing it without being a show-off or arrogant can be challenging.

How to Impress People with a Quote?

Have you ever noticed how presidents, prime ministers, celebrities, and other world-famous individuals never make an impressive speech without throwing in a quote or two? A quote in itself is a mag... Read More »