How can you help a sick cactus?

Answer There are anumber of pests and diseases that cacti can be affected by, and without the details it is hard to tell. Usually, problems are caused by overwatering, lack of sun, low temperatures and a ... Read More »

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HELP! How to get rid of the gelataneous liquid on the cactus?

According to the site, they can be cooked in salted water or baking soda or scallions or a copper penny.…

What is this cactus Is it even a cactus?

I have the exact same succulent in my collection and it is not brown because of tap water, this is its natural color. The amount of brown may vary depending on the amount of sunlight (direct or ind... Read More »

Why are leaves modified to form spines in the cactus plant how then does the cactus plant make food?

The cactus adapted to its harsh environment by developing thick skin to slow the evaporation of water. The leaves changed in order to reduce the surface area that water could evaporate from and ove... Read More »

How to Help a Sick Dog Eat?

Normally, when your dog is sick he won't have a desire to eat, which eventually makes him even worse. He needs nutrition to help strengthen his immune system so he can fight off the illness and get... Read More »