How can you help a eighteen month old baby?

Answer Invest in an index fund, with the child as the beneficiary.

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What is a normal heart rate for an eighteen month old?

Enlarged lymph node due to an infection in the body.

What is the height of a baby boy at the age of eighteen months?

If you are under eighteen and have a child can your legal guardian put your baby up for adoption without your consent?

AnswerNo. even if you are under the AGE of 18 YOU are still the legal guardian to this child. You cannot be forced to give your child up, nor can anyone else make the decision for you, UNLESS you a... Read More »

What is the answer to seven over eighteen minus seventeen over eighteen?

math homework huh? if the problem is written EXACTLY how you written it, then it is negative 10 over 18 =10 - __ 18