How can you heat a greenhouse?

Answer It will heat itself.If it is sunny outside it will automatically heat. You can also heat it with any kind of room heater.

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How to Heat a Mini Greenhouse?

A mini greenhouse is any small, portable greenhouse suitable for starting seeds or holding bedding plants. A mini greenhouse may range from a small cold frame to a plastic covered shelving set or a... Read More »

Can you use biogas to heat a greenhouse?

You can use biogas to heat a greenhouse. Biogas is the combination of gases produced by micro-organisms during digestion within a contained environment. Using biogas to heat a greenhouse is energy ... Read More »

How to Heat Plants in a Greenhouse in Winter?

Keeping a greenhouse warm in the winter is essential for maintaining steady growth of plants. Whether for profit or pleasure, a greenhouse is a great way to grow plants all year, and plants can be ... Read More »

Greenhouse growers often add carbon dioxide to the air in the greenhouse What is the advantage of doing this?

All plants need carbon dioxide to complete photosynthesis. Mammals take in oxygen and breath out CO2. It is the exact opposite for plants. The stomata on the plants act as lungs for the CO2 to ente... Read More »