How can you have sex with a 15year old old when your 11?

Answer You can't, especially unprotected or mistakenly you might end up pregnant or get the girl pregnant. Its much better if you wait you have your reputation to take care of.

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Any movie i can watch with my 15year old brother?

15 year olds can watch most PG-13's and some R rated. Why don't you ask him?And why is this in programming and design?

Is it legal in Virginia to live with your boyfriend when you have joint custody of a child with your ex-husband?

Answer You are entitled to live with your boyfriend if you choose, that's how the term 'step-parent' came about, everybody has the right to be happy!

Can you be fostered by your teacher when your 16 if you live with them. and would your biological parent have to sign papers ie find out?

Well always is...O and you should like me. Cause i like you.

Is it normal to have pain near the ear when you have problems with your teeth?

It is if you're a Giraffe, with a twig stuck in your mouth. Have you got a long neck ?