How can you have sex with a 15year old old when your 11?

Answer You can't, especially unprotected or mistakenly you might end up pregnant or get the girl pregnant. Its much better if you wait you have your reputation to take care of.

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What is the correct weight for a 15year old?

If you are a girl if you are less than 4ft 10", you are under weight. Taking 5ft 5" as the average 15 year old girls weight, you should be 50 - 70 kilograms. Taking 5ft 8" as the average boys heigh... Read More »

Any movie i can watch with my 15year old brother?

15 year olds can watch most PG-13's and some R rated. Why don't you ask him?And why is this in programming and design?

SEATTLE WASHINGTON jobs for 15year old?

Sorry, you've got to be 16 to get a job at a store like that. Waiting sucks, I know...but if you fill out and drop off applications now, you'll screw yourself over because they'll see your DOB and ... Read More »