How can you grow plants fast and strong?

Answer To help plant's growth increase, you can do mant things. You can add fertilizer, add nutrients, give more space to grow, or simply change its watering sunbstance. I have found, that watering plants... Read More »

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If I planted a penis will it grow strong and fast?

To grow a Penis plant strong you have to put Viagra and other herbal stimulants into the soil to help strengthen your plant, after that to help it grow try to give the plant a hand job daily that w... Read More »

How to Grow Long Strong Nails Fast?

Ever wondered why your nails are constantly brittle and split easily? Or maybe you have a problem growing out your nails quickly. With the proper nutrition and nail care, you can grow nails fast wi... Read More »

What does organic fertilizer have that makes plants grow fast?

Organic fertilizer contains three basic nutrients that contribute to the health and growth of plants. Nitrogen is essential for promoting growth in a plant's stems or leaves, while phosphorous and ... Read More »

Does sugar water make plants grow fast?