How can you grow a tall okra plant?

Answer Some of my Okra plants are >10 feet. We are able to water and have rain. We live in east Texas. We have three rows about 240 feet total. Will pick until frost.

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How tall will a Hyacinthus plant grow?

Hyacinthus plants have stalks that grow to 12 inches in height. The stalks bloom with numerous flowers that bloom in red, yellow, orange, white, pink, blue or lavender. Each flower has six lobes an... Read More »

How tall can a giant kelp plant grow?

Giant kelp plants can each grow to over 147 feet tall and are found in huge groups, which are known as "kelp forests." Many species of fish and other sea creatures thrive in these dark underwater f... Read More »

Can Sprite make a plant grow tall?

Botany experts say soda with sugar in it, such as Sprite, should not be used to water plants because the sugar can prevent the plant from absorbing enough water. Carbonated water without sugar, how... Read More »

How tall will a hyazinthus plant grow?

Hyazinthus plants are very fragrant clusters of flowers that grow in shades ranging from white, peach, orange, salmon, yellow, pink, red, purple and blue. They grow between 6 and 12 inches tall.Re... Read More »