How can you get your step sister to like you?

Answer Treat her like an actual sister, you guys don't have to get along, but just be there for each other when you need it.

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What can you do if a step sister hates you and your little sister?

Your step sister may not hate you, but be jealous of you and your sister. Be sure that your parents treat her equally to you and your sister and you can do this by simply watching your parents acti... Read More »

Are Justin Bieber's brother and sister his step brother and step sister or are they fully related?

Justin Bieber has a younger half sister named Jazmyn Kathleen Bieber who was born on May 30th 2008. He also has a younger half brother named Jaxon Julian Bieber who was born November 20th 2009. Th... Read More »

How can you see your step sister nude?

Only by doing things that would be very intrusive, disrespectful and self-centred, the kind of thing that would upset the whole family.For as long as you live in your parents' house, you have to tr... Read More »

You got your step-sister pregnant what do you do?

You both will need to discuss this with your parents. It may not be pleasant, but if you take responsibility, you all can work through this.