How can you get your mom to understand that she needs to let you grow up?

Answer yes because he is not that smart so needs glasses

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Does a adoptive kid that is classified as a specil needs child classify as a special needs kid for your taxes?

Depending on how hard you were hit it could hurt the baby. You might want to call and have your doctor take a look

What is the enzyme called that hair needs to grow?

Bromelain is the proteolytic enzyme that hair needs in order to grow. It is commonly used as a supplement in hair care products in order to aid the natural growth process of your hair.Source:HairCa... Read More »

How to Understand Customer Needs?

A business cannot survive without conducting ongoing efforts to better understand customer needs. To discover if your product or service is having a positive effect and creating customer loyalty, t... Read More »

How important to you is it that your Doctor or your Nurse understand you?

Important enough to affect my choice of doctors. My nurses and nursing assistants were all very kind and compassionate about what I was going through when I was in the hospital a few weeks ago. My ... Read More »