How can you get wifi anywhere 24/7 on your apple ipod 8gb?

Answer You gotta get an iPhone for 3G...only way...actually there is a thing that you pay for monthly that gets wifi from satellite and you can connect to it anywhere but you have to Cary it with you

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Your apple iPod headphones jack snapped off you have only had this for a couple months and you have the one year warranty with apple Will Apple replace these headphones?

Yeah its about that, as any mechanical device, headphone also need burn in... The biggest changes happen in the first 24 hours tough... in those first 24 hours dont make them constantly running as ... Read More »

Difference between ipod 3gs and ipod wifi (please answer)?

I don't have either and most people have one or the other. I would go to the ipod store and compare. ask questions "good luck"

Does apple tv need wifi?

How to Set Up Passwords for Apple WiFi?

The Wi-Fi feature on your Macintosh computer connects the built-in AirPort card to your wireless router, which provides a high-speed Internet connection whenever the network is available in your Ai... Read More »