How can you get rid of worms on your basil plant?

Answer Spray it with a ton of water! and they'll eventually get off

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Do cut worms eat basil?

Chives can be planted in mild climates from spring right through to autumn.

How can you get bugs to stop eating your basil plant?

you need a spray bottle.put a TBL Spoon of murphys oil and fill the rest with water.spray any plant with it it help alot

If you wish to cultivate your own fresh basil should you plant it in full sun or shade?

Growing basil Most types of basil need full sun to do well, although that depends on your climate. If you are in an extremely hot climate, you may need to give it some shade. It thrives in a Medite... Read More »

How do you plant basil?

Buy some seeds and put them into a pot with soil. Keep it humid. The plants will start growing after about 10 days. When you want to plant small basil-plants, take care, that they do get enough sun... Read More »