How can you get rid of a loose tooth easily?

Answer put a wet cloth in the freezer for awhile... then when it is really cold put it over the gum where the loose tooth is - let it sit awhile until you gums get cold - and pinch... squeezing the tooth... Read More »

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"i just had my tooth capped yesterday.closing my lips a problem. mycapped tooth is loose watshould i do?

go to your dentist again and ask to cement the tooth again for free!

5yr old boy has loose tooth?

5 is not unusual for a child to start losing the milk teeth. A dentist will not be able to do anything.

How to Pull out a Loose Tooth?

We've all had a loose tooth before. They can become annoying: getting in the way of eating, drinking, and everything else involving teeth! Sometimes you can't take it anymore, and you decide to pul... Read More »

Loose tooth help!!!!!?

How loose? Why do you need it out now? Do you have trauma to the tooth which loosened it? Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Please reconsider esp since you do not have a dentist. If it was k... Read More »