How can you get receiver to come on rca tv dish network remote?

Answer Lifetime is on channel 108 on Dish Network satellite.

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How can you program your dish network remote to your dish receiver?

You can address the remote to your receiver using the steps below! Addressing Remote to Receiver: 1.) Go to System Info screen. 2.) Hold down the SAT button until all mode lights light up. 3.) ... Read More »

How to Sync a New Dish Network Remote Receiver?

When you purchase a new Dish Network remote, the remote is automatically set to the default remote address. Dish Network remotes use radio frequencies, so it's possible for remotes in other rooms t... Read More »

What are the dish network receiver codes for a lg remote?

We do not have a timer option on the remote to place the receiver in sleep mode. The only timer options are for setting up recordings for movies and programs. Sleep mode can be setup for you TV but... Read More »

Connect dish network remote to receiver kc-x1?

Go to their web site and scroll to the bottom of the HOME PAGE where that information is located.